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One Layer PVC Roof Tile - HL-8001 | 4 Layer UPVC/ASA Roof Tile - HL-8003 | Roof Tiles Accessories - HL-1205 | SBS Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane - HL-FS1211 | APP Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane - HL-FS1212 | 3 Layer UPVC Roof Tile - HL-8002 | FRP Lighting Tile - HL-10001 | Synthetic Resin Tiles - HL-9001 |

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“5S” group acceptance of Hefei factories | Honglu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Architecture & Industry Institute | Honglu PU production line went into operation smoothly | PU edge-sealing rock wool composite board successfully pilot-produced | Yinminda presented to visit Honglu group for working inspection and guidance | Honglu group Awarded”Hefei QC achievement” second prize |